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About Us: Team


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Thought Leader, Global mentor, Author, Poet and Keynote Speaker with thirty eight years of Corporate experience with spiritual depth and wisdom.

          OUR STORY

Many of us do not realise that our physical, emotional and spiritual progress are all interlinked!

We may be physically fit but may be suffering emotionally either in our relationships with near and dear ones, office colleagues, friends etc or vice versa. We may not have known the importance of spirituality in our day to day life. We accept our status quo as a part of our life.

Today, physically fitness outfits like gyms, health studios, trainers, yoga instructors etc., emotional solution providers like psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors etc. and spiritual gurus offer solutions that are pertaining to their own specific areas of expertise.

However, the point being missed is who is taking care of our holistic health? Who is stitching all the threads together of physical, emotional and spirituality and creating a transformation wherein a human being reaches his/her ultimate potential?

Dr Harish Pant, a high profile and much sought after person with 35+ years of corporate experience and Dr Sharda with 25+ years of medical practice joined hands to crack the code of holistic wellness to help people not only to overcome their day to day challenges, be it physical and emotional wellness or spiritual non progress but also help them strive and thrive in their life and reach their highest potential.

This led to the formation of Trikaya Cosmos Pvt. Ltd. , aimed at "Transforming individuals to attain higher purpose and meaning in their life through a customised approach”. 

The hitherto known wellness is now possible to be redefined as holistic wellness encompassing physical, emotional and spiritual wellness with a scientifically designed and practical approach to benefit each and every individual.

We offer a variety of memberships, programs and solutions.

We believe in Mutual Growth and long term relationship with all the customers, business partners & members.

Trikaya Cosmos invites you to join our mission.

​Be the one!

About Us: About


Transforming lives through Trikaya approach which helps an individual attain a higher  purpose and meaning.

About Us: About


We create a development  pathway for individuals to help them realise their ultimate potential.

Transform 1,00,000 lives by 2025 and a million lives in the next five years.

About Us: About


Membership by Invite Only

About Us: Team


Chief Advisor

Top Executive with
40 years corporate
experience. A Social Influencer
Author, Trustee, Speaker and Spiritual Practitioner.

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