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In our journey what we become is essence

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1. Discover Self

2. Enhance Body, Mind and Spiritual Wellness

3. Transform to achieve meaning and purpose in life

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A seamless transformation journey which  can be undertaken from anywhere online/in-person.

Covers entire spectrum of transformation - Personal, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness and Professional.

A well thought out program specially for a unique you.

Impacts of the programs are immediate and long term.

Regular reviews and guidance helps you to be on track. 

Specialised treatments to enhance self confidence & personality.

Keep your motivation high with community connect by apps, blogs and social media.

A scientific and methodical approach.

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Sure  – Be committed and consistent

       Improve  – Bring meaningful changes

Method  –  Do it right

Plan  –  Build customised plan for yourself 

Let go – Choose to live in present: forget/forgive

Enough – Define what’s enough for you

!   –  Be The One !

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Your "Being" comes prior to your "Doing".

1. Assessment of the present YOU

2. Define "What" you want to achieve and "Why"?

3. Set yourself as Priority #1 

4. A program specially created for you with an Action Plan 

5. Life style change program for holistic transformation

6. Track progress & act

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We jointly work with members to develop inner shift through a step process to know self; create a path and develop faith necessary for holistic transformation.

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 Attain higher purpose and meaning in life through a well thought out program for you.

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Trikaya's innovative approach to self transformation, is a first in the world, wherein holistic profiling, counselling, wellness programs, coaching, action plan and reviews are being provided to an individual progressively.

The whole program is customised for an individual and aims to "Be The One", you aspire to be.

A well researched methodology considers various challenges on the transformation path  and provides needed support and guidance to overcome them in a practical way. 

Your Life transformation Journey is in your finger tips as end to end digitised processes track and record your progress. 

You enjoy better Physical fitness; Stress free life; Mental Power; Enhanced Immunity; Career Growth and Spiritual progress.

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Trikaya Cosmos Pvt. Ltd. Office and Clinique: Shop 1 & 2, S.K. Ahire Marg, Behind Poddar Hospital, Next to Worli Medical Store, Worli, Mumbai - 400018

+91 77100 26999

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