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Change the outlook

Trikaya Cosmos is truly a blessing for me and I’m happy to have joined this beautiful family of bright and loving souls.
I chose to share my problems , my doubts , my insecurities, my fears and negativities with Trikaya and the outcome is really overwhelming.
 I see the change in my thinking, it’s more of optimistic than of pessimistic , my approach is more of positive than of negative , my outlook towards life has changed.

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Transforming @80 Years

It was such an eye opener for me ... Enjoyed every moment ....I never knew how I was putting myself in health hazard by not drinking sufficient water ... Moreover I was putting my both mental and physical health by staying emotionally attached to my kith and kin ... 
Thanks to you my Sharada and Harish the brainy boy 🙏💖😘

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Be The One!

Yesterday we had Profiling and it was like opening up a Pandora box.
The questionnaires may seem simple and hardly takes any time to fill it up. Expect for few questions, one need think a bit more and answer.  They may seem simple and easy to answer, but, they are deceptive. The questions give you away.
A great deal has been discussed and nearly took two hours. It was an engrossing session. Whether one is a novice or a professional, have a vast experience or not, still a great path lies before you to explore and enrich one's life.
Believe me guys, this is going to give you a new perspective of oneself, where one stands and where one has to go and pursue their path to "Be The One!"

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Accepting self & others

After joining the group, basic changes I experienced were acceptance and confidence. Started accepting my flaws and cautiously started working on them. Next was accepting people as they are & stop judging them.

As confidence is concerned I became more independent and started focusing on myself.

Thanks to almighty and Dr.Sharda for guiding  and supported me 🙏😊💐💐💐
I know Dr. Sharda from past six years. She is my friend as well as my mentor who supported me emotionally and guided me in my bad times. She was ever ready to hear me day and night, (due to my mother's ill health) whenever I needed her.
#Be the one with the help and guidance from Trikaya Cosmos!

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Tools to transform

I got openings to many obstacles in my life which have stuck up my Mental, Physical and Spiritual Growth.. Now I am having many tools to distinguish them  and resolve... Also I got clarity how to Balance Professional and Personal Life managing time, discipline and consistency. Learnt and noted so many small things to take care in day to day life to avoid major damages in our health.. The best lesson I got is to work like LION...not as DONKEY.. 😊🙏 From now onward I will let go the emotions n try to forget n forgive who had hurt me in past... Also will plan to visit pilgrim Recharge ourselves for smart n energetic long lasting work.

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Understand the root cause

Thanks Sharda tai and Harish Sir for your guidance. It was a

lifetime experience. All aspects of my Physical, emotional and

spiritual aspects got very much crystal clear and I come across the

real grounded reality of my life.

Both the legends guided me very well and shown me the stuck

points of my life and explained me the root cause of the problems i

am facing.

And not only that but power packed me with the solutions also.

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Testimonials: Welcome
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A Couple for Change!

Thanks Tai, Vinod, Harish ji, for taking the time out, we completed my profiling yesterday. It was a very useful session. It covered both the physical and mental well being of me. Also the carrier advice given to me edited by Harish ji and vinod ji was very useful. Tai, your guidelines on physical wellbeing was very insightful. I look forward to improve my health stats based on your inputs and and sure, I will be able to improve as suggested🙏🏼

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A new Vision

Thank you Sister Sharda and Harsh bhal for taking out so much time for me today.
Had a complete mind detoxification along with body detoxification
A makeover of sorts.
Both have given me a new vision and outlook for removing the bondage shackles which are pulling me back or rather I have tied myself to the chains.
Will approach the new year and all the future years with a new refined, and rejuvenated vision.
Thank you once again and thank you God.

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Why undervalue self ?

While profiling I realised there was a BIG Elephant 🐘🐘🐘 in the room which I was not willing to address.  Initial I thought I wouldn't be able to do it because I thought, all these years I have tried and I failed. 
So Tai gave me a scientific explanation and she showed me case studies of ppl who had achieved. 
She gave me small practical steps which I could incorporate in my daily Life.

Thirdly I realised I need to accept changes which were a mindsets blocks . So consciously have to work on what are the things that I am saying to myself.

Fourthly_ I was not aware of certain strengthens that I had because I have become self critical over a period of time. 

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A call transformed life!

It was Thursday (Guruwar). I was in deep sorrow, completely helpless. Then I talked to you. Those two and half hours were my life changing moments. I felt like sharing my pain to someone who is taking it out like anything. You enlightened me. showed me a spiritual path and connected me towards the almighty. Very few has such quality who can connect oneself with the God. You are one of them. Your aura is stupendous. The way you taught me a life lesson was not less than almighty coming down and explaining me the dos and don'ts of life. Those were the Moments, I found myself again.

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It was beyond expectations, conducted professionally. The questions in the form were pertinent, and exhaustive. They surprised me with their comprehensiveness. The session itself was a complete therapy session spanning all aspects of health - mental, spiritual as well as physical health. Their was a personal as well as career orientation, and the takeaways were distinct, clear and formidable, with deep insights and a deeper personal connect

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Find unseen fine lines

It was truly a day of awareness. I met Dr. Harish and MAA.
Realisation itself is a pavement of awakening. Lots many unseen fine lines I could see and accept.
My faulty eating habits to faulty conceptions of living habits.
I am grateful hmm rather fortunate to have them in my life who made me aware , aware and act now. Deep gratitude. Deep respect. Deep love. 

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Spiritually Inclined

Yesterday I have completed my profiling, which was a unique experience. Thanks Dr. Sharada, Harish and Vinod for guiding, helping and supporting me to do this exercise. It was an eye opener and helped to identify issue which needs to address but remained neglected so far. I am sure that by working on it will make me physically and spiritually better.
Suggest all to take advantage of this opportunity 🙏🙏🙏

Testimonials: Welcome
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