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Career: Job Application

internship @ Trikaya Cosmos offers opportunities to transform your life and be a part of a mission to transform a million lives.

You can volunteer for part/full time in the areas of Marketing, IT, Communication, Content creation, Administration, HR, Branding, Operations, Finance, Yoga, Meditation, Wellness and others.

You will be a registered members and undergo an Agrim membership Program.

You will be awarded dual certificates-  Internship & Agrim Program

You will be a given preference for future hire based on your performance.

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Key Tenants

If you want to be a true leader influencing, transforming and impacting lives, this is a right platform to come on board.

A unique possibility awaits you where as a member you can avail of customised programs; register yourself as partner and work as an employee too.

You undertake a transformation journey in any or all the above mentioned roles. You become your own brand ambassador and you share your own success story.

You are also part of a mission to transform  a million lives and can volunteer any additional way thus career options are available at local, city, state and country levels.

We encourage life long association and motivate all community members to take advance Trikaya Program to expand capabilities.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Career: Job Application
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