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An onward journey to "Be The One!"​

In a six months time a lot has happened. Etching the name of company to Trikaya Cosmos; envisioning to the distant time and space; chalking out the mission we would be working which gives meaning and purpose to our lives; Logo and brand which we commit to; Initiation of Trikaya Cosmos at Girnar hills; our resolution to transform self before others; meeting wonderful people; frequent webinars; reams of slides, videos, interviews, podcasts and the blessings and grace of God to top it all.

We grew from two Co-Founders to twenty strong members team. Each one extremely talented, coming from diverse background; eager to lead and transform their lives and the others; from the ever smiling eighty year young lady to sweet nineteen year graduating girl, we have them all.

Dr V Rangaraj consented to join as Chief Advisor and provide strategic leadership support and guidance to us.

We expanded our social media reach in Linkedin, FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp.

Our B2B reach has started and so is our initiation of Nodal Groups. We are reaching out to Thought Leaders, Business Leaders and influencers to spread awareness about our innovative platform - a first in the world.

Insight into Interest Investment and how Trikaya Cosmos came up? Listen to the podcast of Dr Harish Pant.

As we work relentlessly to bring 10+ innovations in the every aspect of our business; refine our business story to connect and deliver the promised brand value; communicate, educate and spread awareness pan India and the world, we will be a better version of the yesterday with each passing day.

Can there be any better product than the self and can there be any better service than to transform the self?

Action: Invite you to join a mission to transform a million lives!

Be a registered members for life; Counselling; Consulting; Holistic Profiling or Life Transformation Programs or be an Agrim member which includes all and more for a year round engagement.

Let's be the best version of the self - Be The One!

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Abhijit Bajpai
Abhijit Bajpai
Feb 27, 2022

Exemplary Marvelous Exhilarating Meritorious Extraordinary Much better

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