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Stressing for the Exam?

Almost everybody suffers from stress to some degree, specifically during exams. Exams are tough times for students irrespective of the level of their preparation. Fear of not being able to give the best often affects their immune system resulting in few cases illnesses or nervous breakdowns.

Stress is a natural phenomenon in which students are uneasy and anxious, depending on the situation.

Now anxiety can be of various types.

* Generalised anxiety - Students generally feel nervous and anxious. They worry a lot and have constant fears of conducting routine tasks.

* Fobias - Excessive fear for a particular things, objects or action. There is sudden flow of adrenal through his/her body which interferes with normal functioning of individual.

* Panic disorder - Quick and intense fear leading to panic attacks which leads to anxiety and further increases the problem.

* Obsessive compulsive disorder - They act in a certain way which does not appear to be normal to others.

When we get stresses our brain release high level of cortisol which can cloud our thinking process.

It is important to stay cool and calm during the exam period. Everybody knows that stress is not good for our health and decreases our productivity leading to failure.

Now how to cope up with exam stress?

1) Prioritise your study time which will help reduce your anxiety level and you will be able to complete the important course material at the right time.

2) Organise yourself making revision schedule and study eight hours a day with regular breaks.

3) Keep yourself away from social media which will do wonders for your stress level.

4) Eat right food, sleep well and do light exercise. Exercise keeps your blood flowing and heart pumping thus filling your brain with endorphins which is happy hormones.

5) Keep yourself away from negative friend circle.

6) Be away from addiction, smoking, alcohol hal etc.

7) Improve your exam time management and do mock exams at home.

Trikaya cosmos profiling helps you to know your anxiety level and its impact on your health. Further guidance and counselling helps to build confidence and score well in the exams.

Wish you a great success in the upcoming exams. May you fly high!

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