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Anushthan - A prep to Transformation!

Anushthan, a sanskrit word comes closest to define a startup!

Anushthan, though literal means "a fixed place", for the ones who undertake it they would reckon that it's far beyond. Even more than rituals, performance, or a resolve or undertaking, It's akin to pull a bow string before the release. This pulling is loaded with intent, aim, preparations, resolve and with an intensity to get the famous and oft quoted "eye of the Bird". Later, the arrow with its potent force and direction sets in, has to do its work - hit the aim - bulls eye!

James Allen Quote: “UNTIL thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment.” and extend it further...Unless act is tied up with a goal there is no intelligence at work either. People with no anchored purpose in their life waste a lot of time and effort as the daily worries, fears and troubles drains them out. The ones who can align their thoughts and acts with the purpose and meaning, develop deep insight and a third eye to guide them through dealing and overcoming challenges on the way!

Thousands have already joining our community and growing further by leaps and bound, we need to undertake a many Anushthan to keep evolving! Few glimpses of our journey....

Visit to Babulnath Temple Mumbai

Mahalakshmi Temple - Kolhapur

Narsobachiwadi Temple - Shirol

Shreekshetra Audumbar - Palus

We paid our homage to Bharat Ratna, Late Lata Mangeshkar by joining a hall full of music lovers at Shanmukhananda Auditorium, Mumbai, on 12th February. What a legend she was can be gauged from the simple fact that five lady singers tried to cover a tiny pick of few songs as a sample of the range!

She must have been ever in anushthan throughout her life to sing 25,000 songs with so m

uch variety, depth and meaning in her singing career spanning 70years+.

We move on to our Anushthan Next with the launch of our website to the world with a mission to transform a million lives!

Invite all to join and take an anushthan by opting from various choices available - Membership Registration, Holistic Profiling, Life Transformation Program or an Agrim membership which comes inclusive of all the earlier programs.

In our life journey what we become is essence!

Be The One!

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Manoj Kabre
Manoj Kabre
27 févr. 2022

Excellent journey ! Nicely put comments about the significance of ‘Thought’ ! More important to track our thought. I have written an article on it :

Track Your Thought

We become, in line with our thoughts. Often, when we were younger, our elders used to suggest us to be in company of good thoughts, so that we groom our character in the right way. More important, I realise, is to be in company of good thought, to help us conclude on better decisions and positive actions. Hence, it is vital to track our thoughts.

Today, in this VUCA world, there are multiple divulsions to our thinking process, hence it is very easy to get influenced by our surrounding – both…

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